I have a file with a lot of garbage(strange chars,comments,etc),the file contain some links which I want to extract with grep. File is really big,over 2000 words in one line. If I try this line works perfect with the exact match

egrep -Eo --text "abcde192848.bmp" Untitled\ 1.txt

Return correctly abcde192848.bmp. But there are a lot of bmp links and I cannot get it,if I try

egrep -Eo --text "^abc*+.bmp" Untitled\ 1.txt

Return nothing. My question is: how to grep from one line all strings which start with abc and end with bmp? The file is similar to this


The line is very big and contain a lot of .bmp "urls". The output I want must return



grep -o 'abc[a-z0-9]*\.bmp'
  • [a-z0-9]* this will match zero or more of lowercase alphabets and digits
  • \. this will match a . character literally

Why ^abc*+.bmp doesn't work

  • ^ is start of line anchor, so at best you can get one match per line, not all matches in the line
  • c* will match c zero or more times, perhaps you intended * to work like in shell glob?
  • + not sure what this would do in combination of *+
  • . will match any character, not just . character

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