CentOS VM.

I got a script for updating firmware that I would like to run before each reboot. However, I want to get user confirmation before the script is actually run.

I put the script in /etc/init.d/ and created a symlink in /etc/rc6.d/ named S10test. But the script was never run. -- I tested it with echo "test" >> /root/output.

I also tried creating a file under /var/lock/subsys with the same name as the script. -- no success.

I then moved on to testing the POC -- if the script could be run, would it work? I tried some simple commands in the built-in killall script, which does get run. echo into a file works, but things like read userinput or sleep 20 doesn't seem to work. After I run reboot, the server goes down immediately.

Two questions:

  1. What am I missing in getting my script to run before reboot?
  2. Why commands such as sleep and read did not run? Is there a way to 'pause reboot' if possible?

I'm new to Linux. Links to references or detailed explanation will be much appreciated.

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