These are the errors I found in my log file:

I recently did some changes to my disk I made a triple boot from dual boot system but I had to take a big part of debians home partition. After I finished with the triple boot setup all of the 3 OS booted normally not a single problem including Debian but today I opened my laptop and I only have emergency mode.

The other 2 OS work just fine Debian went somewhere wrong but I can't figure out where .

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    The first thing to do is address the fsck errors. You'll need to either boot from a Linux DVD/USB or boot another installed Linux system. Then run fsck /dev/sda9. Basically, that filesystem is corrupted. So if you have a backup I suggest doing a restore instead of bothering to manually repair the filesystem. The next issue is the mounting of a filesystem. Addressing the corrupted filesystem may fix the second issue. The other errors are red-herrings. – Emmanuel Rosa Mar 23 at 13:00

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