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I have a txt files with all the file names I need to analyze. I have this file (inputFile.txt) :

/path/file1a  path/file1b 
/path/file2a  path/file2b

i have a code which needs two two input files in order to run.

./Analyzethis /path/file1a /path/file1b

i am trying to create a bash loop to go through my txt files, read through each row and run my code.

I had

IFS=$'\n'; for FILE1 in `cat inputFile.txt`; do ./Analyzethis $FILE1; done

but, it doesnt work. How can i loop through each row and use the columns with the bash loop?

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This is a bash FAQ: How can I read a file (data stream, variable) line-by-line (and/or field-by-field)?

while read -r first second; do 
    ./Analyzethis "$first" "$second"
done < inputFile.txt

make sure you quote your variables

While you're reading that FAQ page, make sure you read Don't try to use "for"

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