I have a '.tar' file that contains multiple '.tar.gz' files. Within each of these '.tar.gz' there is a '.faa' file that I need. I don't want to unpack everything else.

I have been searching through a lot of old questions here but I seem to be getting stuck on one part of my code. Based on what I've read I wrote this:

tar -zxOf /pathtofolder/folder1.tar ".tar.gz" | tar -zxvf - '.faa' 

However, it is only pulling from just one of the '.tar.gz' and not the other 6:

x 2758568008/2758568008.genes.faa

I then tried a for loop in case that was it:

tar -zxOf /Users/gchaput/Desktop/TestFolder/img_data_29800-13.tar | for file in '*.tar.gz'; do tar -zxf "$file" '*.faa'; done

But I get the error:

tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open '*.tar.gz' 

I have a macOS 10.14.1 and so wildcard is not an option for me unfortunately.

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    Remove the single quotes around *.tar.gz and retry with your loop. – Weijun Zhou Mar 20 at 12:58
  • @WeijunZhou Ah it worked! Thank you so much- I can't believe what a quick fix that was. Goes to show how helpful it is to have other eyes on what you're doing. – Gina Mar 20 at 13:00
  • To complement @WeijunZhou 's comment, the single quotes are preserving the * character to be expanded. Take a look at the following SE Link: stackoverflow.com/q/6697753/2231796 – user34720 Mar 20 at 13:13
  • I can't understand use of | for first tar command do extract file, piping look useless here. (not useless it add confusion). – Archemar Mar 20 at 13:23

Use " " in stand of ' ' which is always good for linux!

  • can you explain how changing the quoting would fix the problem at hand? – Jeff Schaller Mar 20 at 14:39

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