For now, I can use ssh -p 2222 username@ip1 to login in a jumpserver, which will have an option to login in target server with ip2 by

1) Enter ID directly login or enter part IP, Hostname, Comment to search login(if unique).
2) Enter / + IP, Hostname or Comment  search, such as: /ip.
3) Enter p to display the host you have permission.
4) Enter g to display the node that you have permission.
5) Enter g + NodeID to display the host under the node, such as g1.
6) Enter s Chinese-english switch.
7) Enter h help.
8) Enter r to refresh your assets and nodes.
0) Enter q exit.


Here input the ip2 will enter the server.

However, if I want to use sshfs to mount the file from the server to my local computer, what should I do?

When there is not the jumpserver, I know I can use directly the command sshfs username@ip2:/home/username /my local dir path/. But for now, it seems that I have to login in the ip1 first, so I don't know how to exactly do sshfs.

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