I've installed Atom from flathub. Now using the linter-shellcheck fails and says, the shellcheck command is not available.

However, if I use the flatpak demo application and use flatpak enter to execute a shell inside of it, I can actually run shellcheck without any issues. Howwever, the demo applications has much less permissions than the Atom's flatpak.

So how is this possible? Or, where is the error here?

MY question here would be obsolete if it just orked to run shellcheck in the flatpak.


Inside of the flatpak, here is where shellcheck and so on are:

$ which shellcheck
$ echo $PATH      

(This is the demo flatpak, i.e. where I can execute it successfully.)

  • Where is shellcheck installed, and do you have that directory in your $PATH, and is that $PATH inherited by your Atom editor. This would depend on from where you launch Atom as well as where you set your $PATH. – Kusalananda Mar 19 at 17:48
  • I'll add it to the question. – rugk Mar 19 at 18:13
  • I don't know what Atom inherits, I don't know the internals of flatpak to be sure to know this… (although I guess it is the same as in the demo flatpak, where it also did not inherit anything from the outside) – rugk Mar 19 at 19:02

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