If I select Fritzing from the Linux system menu, it starts normally. If I double-click on a .fzz file in the file manager, I get lots of errors; and when it starts many parts of the main form are not populated.

Here are the error messages:

Sorry, we have a problem with the swapping mechanism. Fritzing still works, but you won’t be able to change parts properties.

Cannot read file ~/bins/core.fzb: No such file or directory 

Fritzing cannot load the parts bin

Unable to find the following 3 parts:

'WireModuleID' at ':/resources/parts/core/wire.fzp'

'TwoLayerRectanglePCBModuleID' at ':/resources/parts/core/rectangle_pcb_two_layers.fzp'

'NoteModuleID' at ':/resources/parts/core/note.fzp'

Is it possible to overcome these errors, or do I need to train myself to only use the system menu?

I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon and Fritzing 0.9.3.


Nothing appears in the Fritzing debug log.

There is no directory ~/bins. I have ~/Fritzing/bins but it does not contain core.fzb (Note that the error message actually names my home directory. I have used ~ instead of publishing my details.)

There is /usr/share/fritzing/parts/bins/core.fzb

The :/ notation seems wrong – is it left over from Windows?

I don’t have any resources/parts directory.

There's no file wire.fzp anywhere.

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