After connecting my GTX 980 Ti to my Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver via HDMI I have the following situation:

  • nvidia-settings lists HDMI-0 as connected and even shows the name of the receiver.
  • pavucontrol lists GM200 High Definition Audio (so it's not this common issue) but all the profiles are listed as "unplugged" and "unavailable".
  • The receiver says "No Signal".

How do I convince PulseAudio that the receiver is connected?


I had to enable the receiver as a "screen" in nvidia-settings:

  1. Run sudo nvidia-settings
  2. Go to X Server Display Configuration
  3. Select the receiver
  4. Change the configuration to X screen 0
  5. Set the position and size to the same as another screen
  6. Apply and save the X configuration file

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