I am executing below jenkins.war with below command

  jenkins -jar jenkins.war

But I want to specify to use below path while executing the war


and it should run as jenkins user . Right now it is getting executed as root user and under /root directory

How can I achieve that ?

  • Did you create the user jenkins? – Panki Mar 19 at 9:45
  • Also, did you create /data dir? – user34720 Mar 19 at 12:11

I used environmental variables as below in script

JENKINS_HOME="/data/jenkins" JENKINS_WAR="/data/jenkins/jenkins.war"

and passed them to Java with -D option


# ps -ef | grep java
root         5     1  0 Mar19 ?        00:05:10 /apps/java/jdk1.8.0_121/bin/java  -DJENKINS_HOME=/data/jenkins -jar /data/jenkins/jenkins.war

The Jenkins wiki discusses setting it up as a Unix daemon: Installing Jenkins as a Unix daemon. You have an RHEL tag in the question, and since RHEL 7 makes use of systemd, you could set up Jenkins to run as a systemd service. The steps to do this are shown below.

  1. First, you'll need to download the Jenkins WAR file and place it somewhere. I chose the location /opt/jenkins/jenkins.war.

  2. Next, you'll need to create/prepare the data directory you want to use, which is /data/jenkins.

  3. You can now create a system user account with the name jenkins:

    useradd -r jenkins
  4. Next, change the ownership of the Jenkins WAR file and data directory to this new user:

    chown -R jenkins:jenkins /opt/jenkins/
    chown -R jenkins:jenkins /data/jenkins/
  5. Next, define the systemd service by creating a new unit file:

    vi /etc/systemd/system/jenkins.service
    Description=Jenkins Daemon
    ExecStart=/bin/java -jar /opt/jenkins/jenkins.war
  6. Make systemd aware of the new unit by reloading it:

    systemctl daemon-reload
  7. Finally, start Jenkins:

    systemctl start jenkins

You should now be able to access Jenkins on port 8080. If firewalld is active, you'll need to allow the port by running firewall-cmd --add-port=8080/tcp on the system.

The Jenkins logs can now be seen with journalctl _SYSTEMD_UNIT=jenkins.service. Running ps -ef | grep jenkins will show that it's running as the jenkins user:

jenkins   1749     1  7 11:04 ?        00:00:35 /bin/java -jar /opt/jenkins/jenkins.war

As an added bonus, run systemctl enable jenkins if you want the Jenkins service to be automatically started on system boot.

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