So I have installed ZSH + oh-my-zsh + powerlevel9k on my Ubuntu server edition.

While it's working including the colors (I used darkorange background to display current user), I cannot get the glyphs to work. In place of the home folder icon (enter image description here) when I'm on the user home folder, all I see is a triangle.

Can someone please advice how this can be done?


  • You say Manjaro server edition, but the title says Ubuntu server edition. Which is it? – 0xSheepdog Mar 18 at 23:58
  • @0xSheepdog edited. got confused as I was just trrying out Manjaro architect. – mrjayviper Mar 19 at 0:13

In order for the glyphs to display properly, you have to make sure that a Powerline font has been installed and that your console has been configured to use that font. The Powerline installation instructions page gives four ways to achieve this:

  1. Install Powerline Fonts
  2. Use a Programmer Font
  3. Install Awesome-Powerline Fonts
  4. Install Nerd-Fonts

The Powerline installation page further mentions:

If Powerlevel9k is not working properly, it is almost always the case that the fonts were not properly installed, or you have not configured your terminal to use a Powerline-patched font.

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