Using a Supermicro server w/ an NVIDIA P620 graphics card, I try to install CentOS-7.6.1810 from DVD. I have two monitors connected, a 2560x1440 qnix via white DVD-D cable off the P620 graphics card with a miniDP-DVI adapter; and a dell 1920x1200 via blue VGA off server motherboard.

In the BIOS, under PCIe settings there is VGA Priority, and the choices are onboard, offboard, and auto.

with it set to offboard I can fully get through the bios settings, and through the LSI raid settings, the dvd will boot and I will get the simple black & white text menu of Install CentOS, Test this media, and Troubleshoot, press e to edit.... I can choose install and get all the way up to where you would expect [anaconda?] the graphical screen asking for language, and my monitor just stays blank at that point.

If I choose VGA Priority = auto, same as offboard.

If I choose VGA Priority = onboard, everything happens on the 1900x1200 VGA monitor and I can get completely through the install process and have a running system.

My question is, using VGA Priority = offboard is there a way once at that text menu where you do Install CentOS... and that is where it has press e or press c for command prompt, is there something special syntax I can give the installer to make it all work through the Nvidia p620 to a 2560x1440 monitor?

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