I am currently interested in learning how Linux works. I have followed the tutorial How to Install CentOS 7 on VMware Workstation 14 Pro? The problem is, every time I install the only available Base Environment is the Minimal Function.

Base Environment

Aside from this, I can't seem to login to my credentials after installation. Why is that?

Below are the procedures I did:

This is the adding of user

After that, I was brought here enter image description here

HEre is the login so I typed what I created in my user accounts enter image description here

After typing, I am always brought here. enter image description here

If I try to use root, it always procs Login incorrect.


  • What image file are you using for the installation? I'm thinking that may be the reason you only see the option for a minimal install. – Brian Z Mar 18 at 12:07
  • @BrianZ It is a .iso – Marvin Javier Mar 19 at 4:38
  • Good, but which .iso? It looks like you are using the "minimal" one, while another one (like the "DVD" image) might be more appropriate. – Brian Z Mar 19 at 11:54
  • @BrianZ Yes I am using the minimal version – Marvin Javier Mar 20 at 6:19

I believe the root account isn't allowed to login for security reasons. click the box where it says make account administrator. Also change the password from sample to something else. (I think that may be your problem)

  • I have created a new virtual machine but still the same error persist. But I have noticed, once the installation is complete, I am not directed to the License Agreement part. It directs me to the login phase(was it due to having only minimal options?). – Marvin Javier Mar 19 at 4:38

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