I have in.txt file with over 10000 line, some text in this file between bract like ( this text ) and the text out the bract not export, i want to export all text between ( ) to out.txt, but provided that under 140 letters if the letters over 140 letters don't export it, and every text exported in new line out.txt . I wan't script to do that in ubuntu, and the text written by non latin letters (utf-8). Regards


Assuming that the text between parentheses can't itself contain parentheses, and that you mean under or equal to 140 characters, try

grep -Po '(?<=\().{1,140}?(?=\))' in.txt > out.txt
  • Thank you steeldriver, it's work, Best Regards. – silver Mar 17 at 20:18
  • Please can you change this code or give me new code to remove any line containt one or more of this symbole ( ? , [ , ] , - ). – silver Mar 18 at 1:45
  • @silver you can try replacing .{1,140} by [^[\]-]{1,140} – steeldriver Mar 18 at 16:52
  • to remove any line containt symbol: grep -v '[\:\?*\«\»\،\-]' in.txt > out.txt – silver Mar 19 at 18:43

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