I installed fedora29 workstation. I have only one 1To SATA disk (Partition table : GPT). After automatic installation, all my disk space is used. To reduce /dev/sda3 (because I want space on my disk), I tried to use blivet-gui (from a fedora29 live usb). I reduced the "home" LV. It worked fine and the free space "seems" (see later) almost on the logical view graphic to be located at the end of the VG. But I could not reduce the VG. So, I went back to a console :
pvs -v --segments /dev/sda3

PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree Start SSize LV
Start Type PE Ranges /dev/sda3 fedora lvm2 a-- 930,31g <718,54g 0 3015 swap 0 linear /dev/sda3:0-3014
/dev/sda3 fedora lvm2 a-- 930,31g <718,54g 3015 38400 home 0 linear /dev/sda3:3015-41414 /dev/sda3 fedora lvm2 a-- 930,31g <718,54g 41415 183945 0 free
/dev/sda3 fedora lvm2 a-- 930,31g <718,54g 225360 12800 root 0 linear /dev/sda3:225360-238159

And I understood the problem. My free space is in the middle of the VG. So, I am going to use pvmove, pvresize, ... in a console. This is not the problem

My question is : Is it possible to have a graphic in blivet-gui that gives the same information than pvs -v -segments and to have graphic tools to move LV. It seems that this possible with tools like KVPM (for debian, ubuntu ...) and Yast(opensuse). Or if it is not possible with blivet-gui, is there an equivalent of KVPM/YaST for Fedora ?

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