I am using Vagrant to create hosts in network simulations. Recently, I re-installed an old pet-computer (ACME Foxboard, if you're interested) that still ran a very old Linux version. So old, that it required me to put

Host foxboard
    KexAlgorithms +diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

in my .ssh/config, which is valid syntax from ssh version 7 on. However, since I did that, vagrant ssh started to refuse access to my machines:

$ vagrant ssh
/home/ljm/.ssh/config line 2: Bad SSH2 KexAlgorithms '+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1'.

Now, Vagrant states on its website:

SSH client usage

Vagrant will attempt to use the local SSH client installed on the host machine. On POSIX machines, an SSH client must be installed and available on the PATH.

So, I would expect things to work, especially because:

$ ssh -p 2222 vagrant@
vagrant@'s password: 

seems to work. But that means I have to distribute keys to all my machines to log-in.

Also, during boot, Vagrant seems to be able to ssh into the machine and, for example, change the ssh-keys.

Is there a solution that allows me to ssh into my personal computer museum and use a simple vagrant ssh?

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