I have output XML file which has string in each line icn="1", this number inside the double quotes will be changing for every line. But this number is not incrementing in order, so i have to make change to update this number in order.

I have the awk command to do this, but not able to exactly replace the number between double quotes.

awk '/icn=/{sub("icn=", "icn="++v)}1' OutputFile.xml >> test.xml
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    XML is not regular, and attempting to parse, much less postprocess it, with RE tools is a path to madness. And ponies. You might instead be well served by using a DOM parser. – DopeGhoti Mar 15 at 20:10

It seems to me this is what you're trying to do:

awk '/icn=/ { sub(/icn=.[0-9][0-9]*/, "icn=\""++v); print } ' file.xml

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