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Local displays correspond to a socket in /tmp/.X11-unix.

(cd /tmp/.X11-unix && for x in X*; do echo ":${x#X}"; done)

On a computer:

$ (cd /tmp/.X11-unix && for x in X*; do echo ":${x#X}"; done)

I was wondering how to find out the X servers (command, or pid) for the given display numbers?


lsof /tmp/.X11-unix/X*

as root will list the commands and pids corresponding to each socket. You can then match the socket name to the display number, as you’ve done in your example.

  • So you're not gonna tell me how to grep these results to get pid or command, huh? – 炸鱼薯条德里克 Mar 15 at 14:31

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