Does one see what I am doing wrong?

setxkbmap -option ö:return

man xkbmap nor skimming through /usr/share/X11/xkb/ gave me any hint, While e.g. setxkbmap -option caps:escape works


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setxkbmap -option is not a generic "map this to that" mechanism.

It allows you to enable any number of pre-defined options that exist in your current X11 keyboard layout. Normally, a layout might have several options for the assignment of modifier keys like CapsLock, Control or AltGr, since many touch-typists prefer assigning something more useful like Control or Escape in place of CapsLock. But for a generic character like ö, pre-defined options are unlikely.


Added this to .xinitrc after detecting the keycode of ö with $ xev

    # Remap ö to Return
    xmodmap -e "keycode 47 = Return"

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