With terminal emulators like gnome-terminal, it is possible to change settings programmatically, from the command line using dconf and gconf.

But I have trouble finding a similar mechanism for xfce4-terminal.

Specifically, how to select colors or a theme (or preset as it is called in the preferences menu).

I tried finding a corresponding option using xfconf-query but there doesn't seem to be one.


According to the xfce docs, xfce4-terminal stores its configuration file here:


Which commonly resolves to:


This is the location of the configuration file that includes the preferences which control the look and feel of Terminal

More information about the configuration options can be found at https://docs.xfce.org/apps/terminal/advanced. Or by running man xfce4-terminal on your system.

The file and its directory are created when you change some settings using the GUI interface, so you probably don't have them on your fresh installation. If none is there, Terminal uses the default settings.[2]

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