There is no way I can type/paste a file path when I use some Open File dialog:

enter image description here

There is not right click option or anything. I use linux Mint XFCE 19.1:

linux@linux:~$ uname -a
Linux linux 4.15.0-20-generic #21-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 24 06:16:15 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I had installed nemo and set it as the default file manager, then I uninstalled, but the Open File Dialog still does not allow me to type the file path.


If the file dialog is based on the Gnome toolkit (Gtk), then you should be able to toggle the location popup using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L

See GtkFileChooserWidget: The “location-popup” signal

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    BTW Ctrl+L is also used in Nautilus and some other file browsers. – Weijun Zhou Mar 15 '19 at 3:13

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