I am trying to learn about the Top process manager for Linux. I am trying to understand how Top gets its memory information. So far I have found some memory code in Top.c and Top.h to display the data but I can't see how exactly is getting its memory information from the Operating System.

Is top using /proc/meminfo or using some kind of system call to get the information?

In Top.c

// Display Memory and Swap stats


if (CHKw(Curwin, View_MEMORY)) {

show_special(0, fmtmk(MEMORY_line1

, kb_main_total, kb_main_used, kb_main_free, kb_main_buffers));

show_special(0, fmtmk(MEMORY_line2

, kb_swap_total, kb_swap_used, kb_swap_free, kb_main_cached));

Msg_row += 2;



#define MEMORY_line1 "Mem: \03" \

" %8luK \02total,\03 %8luK \02used,\03 %8luK \02free,\03 %8luK \02buffers\03\n"
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