I tried to use sed to edit some part of a specific line in a text file and save the change to the original file. OK I now understand that this is not the way sed directly works. But how can I use sed in a script to edit the part of a line with variable content in it? I already used sed to change complete lines or used lines as trigger to cut and insert to a new file. But this is different :) I think what I need is

sed '/baz/s/foo/bar/g'

sed '/beginning of line/s/static text/new static text/g'

This gives me the right output but how can I save it to the source file? I understand that sed outputs to stoud but when I add a ">> outpufile" it gives me an error message

sed: -e Ausdruck #1, Zeichen 55: Unbekannte Option für `s'

Between static text and new static text is some content that changes from time to time so

sed -n '/static text/new static text/,$p' tmp >> source

will work only for as long as the source content hasn't changed.

Any suggestions?


micha@linux-micha: /tmp
$ echo 'alpha bravo charlie' > blah.txt

micha@linux-micha: /tmp
$ cat blah.txt
alpha bravo charlie

micha@linux-micha: /tmp
$ sed -i 's/bravo/delta/' blah.txt

micha@linux-micha: /tmp
$ cat blah.txt
alpha delta charlie
  • OK it's a bit late here... I'm confused ^^ Can you explain further please – diggidre Mar 14 at 23:10
  • Hi, thought you meant in-place editing a file using sed. That's possible with the -i or --in_place flag. See it in my 3rd command above? Regards. – Micha Mar 14 at 23:24

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