I have a file called LoginExcInternal.txt which has data that looks like the following:

Name1   OpenFin/
Name2   OpenFin/
Name3   Chrome/

These two columns are being separated by tabs.

I need to output this to another file which will replace both OpenFin and Chrome with =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)

The Mar 19 should always show the month and year for last Monday.

This is what I have so far:

z="$(date -d 'last Sunday - 6 day' '+%b %y')" && sed 's/OpenFin.*/=VLOOKUP('$z'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)/g;s/Chrome.*/=VLOOKUP('$z'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)/g' LoginExcInternal.txt > Test2.txt

This gives me the error sed: -e expression #1, char 24: unterminateds' command`.

Desired Output:

Name1   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)
Name2   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)
Name3   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)

Mar 19 should have the apostrophes, so it should look like 'Mar 19'

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    A summary of the desired output (given the sample input) would be nice for Answerers to be able to quickly compare their results; thanks! – Jeff Schaller Mar 14 at 19:20
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    You have a typo z=$"(...)" in place of z="$(...)" - also the space around ' $z ' will need to be removed I think – steeldriver Mar 14 at 19:20
  • I addition to what steeldriver said, you also have other quoting issues. A single quoted string can never contain single quotes. Please consider using shellcheck.net – Kusalananda Mar 14 at 19:22
  • I made the edits along with the desired output. The single quotes show up like that which is why I posted it in this way as the final output should be in that format. – Ibrahim A Mar 14 at 19:35
  • If you're using GNU sed or equivalent save a bunch of duplication by using one substitution with "alternation" in the pattern: 's/(OpenFin|Chrome).*/..etc../'. (You'll need to add sed flag -E to avoid escaping parens and vert pipe). – B Layer Mar 15 at 2:12

Command:sed -E "s/Chrome|OpenFin/=VLOOKUP\('Mar 19'\!A4,'User-Firm'\!A2:B1999,2,FALSE\)/g" filename|sed "s/\/[0-9]\{3\}.*//g"


sed -E "s/Chrome|OpenFin/=VLOOKUP\('Mar 19'\!A4,'User-Firm'\!A2:B1999,2,FALSE\)/g" 
 filename|sed "s/\/[0-9]\{3\}.*//g"

Name1   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)
Name2   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE)
Name3   =VLOOKUP('Mar 19'!A4,'User-Firm'!A2:B1999,2,FALSE


  • Modified a little bit to this and works like a charm, thanks! z="$(date -d 'last Sunday - 6 day' '+%b %y')" && sed -E "s/Chrome.*|OpenFin.*/=VLOOKUP\('$z'\!A4,'User-Firm'\!A2:B1999,2,FALSE\)/g" LoginExcInternal.txt | sed "s/\/[0-9]\{3\}.*//g" >test.txt – Ibrahim A Mar 20 at 14:14
  • Please explain this sed "s/\/[0-9]\{3\}.*//g" @Praveen Kumar BS – Ibrahim A Mar 20 at 15:15
  • This is simplified and works: sed -E "s/Chrome.*|OpenFin.*/=VLOOKUP\('$(date -d 'last Sunday - 6 day' '+%b %y')'\!A4,'User-Firm'\A2:B1999,2,FALSE\)/g" LoginExcInternal.txt – Ibrahim A Mar 20 at 15:41

without sed:

str="=VLOOKUP('$(date -d 'last Sunday - 6 day' '+%b %y')'";
str+="$(printf "\\$(printf '%03o' '33')")";
str+="$(printf "\\$(printf '%03o' '33')")";
while read name ignored;do 
    ((${#name}))&&echo "${name}    ${str}";

with sed:

sed "s/OpenFin.*$\|Chrome.*$/${str}/g" urfile.txt

this should work fine

  • The first one just gives me an error saying -bash: !A4,'User: event not found and the second only gives me the first column without adding the string I need on the second column. – Ibrahim A Mar 18 at 13:13
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    you just need to escape the "!" => "\!" – Jonah Mar 18 at 18:39
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    Or set +H in the interactive bash session (not needed in scripts). – Kusalananda Mar 18 at 18:48
  • Escaping the ! causes the output to show the ! symbol. – Ibrahim A Mar 20 at 14:13

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