Centos 7.6 fresh installation.

I need a static IP during boot for decrypting my LUKS-Container by using Clevis / TANG and following dracut.conf

kernel_cmdline="ip= netmask= gateway= nameserver="

With this config the Container is opened an the system is booted and the ifcfg-Files are not touched.

I configured a NetworkManager-Connection with nmtui with a different IP-Address (

When I boot the system, the NetworkManager doesn't load the configured connection, because the IP-Address is different. For this a temporary in-memory Connection with the "dracut-IP" is created.

Debug-Log-File nm

Mär 14 18:55:07 mgmt1 NetworkManager[4686]: <debug> [1552586107.8933] Connection 'enp0s25' differs from candidate 'AAAA' in ipv4.addresses

Mär 14 18:55:07 mgmt1 NetworkManager[4686]: <debug> [1552586107.8933] manager: (enp0s25): assume: generated connection 'enp0s25' (21f53190-22d9-4bc0-9526-9dc5afab2cf4)

Is it possible to "force" NetworkManager to user the provided connection I created instead of creating a temporary based on the dracut-IP?


I resolved the problem by using a separate systemd-Service which starts before the network and flushes the IP.

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