I have a file with the below content. I want to replace chrome with chromeBackup but not in all places.

Run=bin -app "chrome/chrome.sh"

Required output:

Run=bin -app "chromeBackup/chromeBackup.sh"
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    Can you describe the places that should and should not be replaced? – Jeff Schaller Mar 14 at 17:24
  • Check my "required output" – Nani Mar 14 at 17:27
  • A good answer would operate on any input; otherwise, someone could just statically print your desired output. – Jeff Schaller Mar 14 at 17:38
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    In other words, one possible answer right now would be two tell you to open an editor and make the changes manually. – Jeff Schaller Mar 14 at 17:39
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    Your required output doesn't really clarify your desired behavior. Do you want the change only on lines that start with Run= or Vol.apps? Every line except ones that start with Name=? Only lines that contain a "p"? Something else? – Kevin Mar 14 at 19:34

According to the information you have provided, you want to replace it at two places, so you can use:

sed -e /^Run/s/chrome/chromeBackup/g -e /^Vol/s/chrome/chromeBackup/g file_name


As @Kusalananda mentioned in his comment, shorter version is:

sed -E '/^(Run|Vol)/s/chrome/&Backup/g' file_name
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    Or possibly sed -E '/^(Run|Vol)/s/chrome/&Backup/g'. – Kusalananda Mar 14 at 18:35

More general perhaps, change all instances except those on the line starting Name=

from="chrome"; to="${from}Backup"; sed "/^Name/! s/$from/$to/g" fileToChange

or just skip the first line

from="chrome"; to="${from}Backup"; sed "2,$ s/$from/$to/g" fileToChange

or only in the lines starting Run or Vol

from="chrome"; to="${from}Backup"; sed -E "/^Run|^Vol/ s/$from/$to/g" fileToChange

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