There is not sound anymore in my headphones (jack connection) even though it used to work.

  • During my last session, I did quite a lot of tweaks on my installation, so far, here is what I could retrieve:
    • sudo apt install qt5ct qt4-qtconfig libqt5svg5 kvantum
    • Updates with the update manager (including upgrading to Linux kernel
  • Since then, I have rebooted and that is when I noticed sound was gone.
  • Headphones seems to be detected when plugged (Headphones built-in audio shows up in the Device section of the Audio configuration GUI when I plug it)
  • The headphones work (tested elsewhere)
  • I've tried booting on the previous kernel and removing the newly installed one (current situation: I'm on now), and I still have no sound.

This is all beyond my knowledge, and my researches have led me nowhere.

How can I troubleshoot such issue?


First thing, unplug the headphones. Restart. Mint often starts with device busy on first start. A restart without device plugged in usually frees it up. To verify this state, close all programs. speaker-test -Dplug:front -c2 -l5 -twav into terminal. If you hear sound, other steps are needed. If output = -16,Device or resource busy, restart with headphones unplugged should fix. This solution is only for those using front headphone jack mini plug


I've been given the answer on the LinuxMint forum:

Add to manually reload Alsa sudo alsa force-reload

It sounds like a strange solution as I would assume that rebooting would reload modules anyway. But it didn't apparently, and this solution fixed the issue durably.

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