What is the keymap configuration to toggle "Tree View: Reveal active file" with Ctrl-Shift-^ in linux (german keyboard)?

On Windows (english but german keyboard), the command "Reveal in Tree View" is bound to Ctrl-Shift-^ per default.

I want the same keybinding on my linux system (german system, german keyboard). Per default it is Ctrl-Shift-\ - which is a ridiculous combination, considering \ is only possible with Alt Gr. However, I am not able to figure out how to configure this in my keymap file.

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I did a bit more research and found that keybindings involving Ctrl on linux switch to US layout. ^ is ` on US keyboards, so the following works:

'.platform-win32, .platform-linux':
  'ctrl-shift-`': 'tree-view:reveal-active-file'

See here for more information on this.

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