I ssh to my ubuntu server and run sudo netstat -a -p and I get this:

tcp        0      0 ip-172-31-25-123.us:ssh mailDOTjjtoursDOTcom:54531  ESTABLISHED 1516/sshd: ubuntu [

And when I use my other ssh client, it shows another jjtoursDOTcom in there.

I use putty and bitvise.

Why does it show that domain name? (I replaced dots . with DOT in domain names)


netstat does a reverse DNS lookup to display a hostname instead of an IP. You can disable reverse DNS lookup with the -n option.

Try this:

$ sudo netstat -anp
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  • By any chance do you know how does netstat guesses the name there? – Mac A. Mar 12 '19 at 17:23
  • As i said, it does a reverse DNS lookup. The problem is, that multiple domain names can point to a single IP. So it is possible, that you get an hostname which you do not expect. Hope that explains it a bit. – Samuel Philipp Mar 12 '19 at 17:31

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