I am using debian(9.8 (stretch)) with cinnamon(3.2.7-4) interface and have problem with my battery. When battery is low I have no alert about that. Laptop just turns off unexpectedly (I can turn it on again and see all applications that were up and running, and all tabs in my browser but cannot do anything and after a few minutes laptop restarts so session is completely lost). Is there a tool which would inform me that I should charge my battery immediately? Preferably with alarm sound and option to set battery percentage which triggers such alarm.

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    Which version of debian? Which version of cinnamon? How did you get cinnamon installed and working? There are literally a thousands of ways to do this with many tools. Details are important if you want directed help. google.com/search?q=debian+battery+status – 0xSheepdog Mar 11 at 18:15
  • Please also collect the make and model number from the serial number plate beneath, then click edit and add that to your original question, along with your answer to the questions asked by oxSheepdog . Please use edit and do not reply with a Comment, as Comments can get lost. – K7AAY Mar 11 at 18:51

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