I saw phpPgAdmin 5.6 for PostgreSQL is released, but I can only install the 5.1 on Debian 9.

I look for the package:

apt search phppgadmin

And just get:

phppgadmin/stable,now 5.1+ds-2 all
  web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL

Only shows me the 5.1 version.

Anybody knows how to pack the latest version of phpPgAdmin for Debian based distros?

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    Distributions package these things for you; you want to get the latest packaged version of the software, or download & configure it yourself? – Jeff Schaller Mar 11 at 16:23
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    Do you absolutely require features in 5.6 that 5.1 is lacking? Is there some incompatibility with your application that requires 5.6? Officially 5.1 is the latest version of PHPPgadmin for Debian. – kemotep Mar 11 at 17:37

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