I want to read a file without whitespaces, filled with root certificates and seperate them into new files per match. I can select all matching certificates at once and insert to a single file, but I can't figure out, how to seperate per match and make print create a new file each cert.

awk '/-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/,/-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ { print > outputlist }' inputlist

I tried it already with a while read loop, but that didn't work.


Give a try to this:

awk '/-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/,/-----END CERTIFICATE-----/ { if ( $0 ~ /-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/) { nb++ } ; print > "certificate" nb ".txt" ;}' inputlist

I always have this page open aside when writing awk script: Awk

Files generated:

$ ls certificate*
certificate1.txt  certificate2.txt
  • This Looks great! I going to check it tomorrow. Need to hurry home, but thanks Forward for your help! I will reply to tomorrow with results :) – Mickey Mazurek Mar 11 at 16:20
  • It worked! thx for that. :) this was the trickiest part. At the beginning the Cert had no ---begin & end---- ... had to include it with sed, but that took Ages for me to figure out how to. I googled a lot, but I found no good explenation, because I didn't know, was it a record seperator, or do i Need some other Options and variables... such a brainf**** ^^ – Mickey Mazurek Mar 12 at 8:17

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