I tried to get the position of LUKS header:

grep -a -b -P --only-matching 'LUKS\xba\xbe' /dev/sdb

It is out of memory.

Some sugest me use 'bgrep' instead, but I don't how to make it work.

bgrep -A 20 'LUKS\xba\xbe' /dev/sda
./bgrep: invalid 2-hex-digit byte value: 'LU'

So how to make this work?


grep tends to run out of memory since it reads until end-of-line, but in binary data there might not be an end-of-line for a long time. You could still use grep by grepping chunks of smaller-than-memory size, roughly:

# dd bs=1M iflag=fullblock if=/dev/sdb skip=X count=Y | grep ...

Rinse and repeat for all chunks. If you're not sure about whether the data will be aligned properly, make the chunks overlap some (next X=X+Y-1).

Alternatively, strings would probably avoid the running out of memory part (very long lines of printable ASCII are unlikely to appear). Then you have a list of offsets to check. These can be false matches since strings excludes the \xba\xbe part.

# strings -t d -n 4 /dev/sdb | grep 'LUKS$'
11534336 LUKS
23068672 LUKS
34603008 LUKS
# losetup --find --show --offset=23068672 /dev/sdb
# cryptsetup luksDump /dev/loop9

Tools like testdisk or binwalk (with a custom magic signature) might be able to locate LUKS headers more efficiently. But for a quick hack, strings usually works well enough.

  • No, strings -t d -n 4 /dev/sdb | grep LUKS lists too many iterms about LUKS even out of the number Terminal window can contain, how can I make it print only LUKS header for LUKS partition? – Maggicmuojet Mar 11 at 7:52
  • @Maggicmuojet Not really possible with strings... Terminal window? Redirect output to a file, and script it. Otherwise, if you're sure about the cipher, you could also e.g. grep -B 1 xts-plain (for luks1 headers, for luks2 you want strings -t d -n 100 | grep '"type":"luks2"' and substract 4096). – frostschutz Mar 11 at 9:24
  • sudo grep -B 1 xts-plain /dev/sdb Then a message: Binary file /dev/sdb matches – Maggicmuojet Mar 12 at 12:42
  • Where to bit /dev/sdb to strings -t d -n 100 | grep '"type":"luks2"'? – Maggicmuojet Mar 12 at 12:44
  • Is there any1 in, and any1 help? – Maggicmuojet Mar 14 at 5:55

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