I have an Apple MacMini Intel running a Debian Stretch (no BIOS-like boot list, just standard GRUB2).

I would like to boot on a USB device to set a fresh new installation, with the latest firmware-nonfree netinstall.

I add a custom entry to the GRUB2 menu like this (on a regular Debian session) :

$ sudo vi /etc/grub.d/40_custom
menuentry "Debian Netinstall (USB)" {
    set root=(hd0)
    linux /debian/install.amd/vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb1 ro
    initrd /debian/install.amd/initrd.gz

This allow me to run the text mode installer, directly to the language choice, but with a red painted backgroud (not the usual color for this netinstaller).

The problem came after the network config : I need to feed my wlan deice with the b43/* firmwares.

This USB device loaded with this Netinstall image was OK for installing a laptop (iwlwifi* firmware needed) earlier in the week. On a standard BIOS bootlist.

I try some stuff to feed installer with the asked firmwares :

  • using the installer shell to mount /cdrom/firmware/ /lib/firmware/
  • using another USB key with the firmware directory of the netinstall image
  • using another USB key with the specific files asked (found here)

None of this worked and the installer keep ask for the firmwares...

Questions :

  • How can I feed the installer with the asked files?
  • How can I set GRUB2 custom entry to run installer from the begining (the first menu asking for the kind of installation)?
  • Why the background is red?

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