I would like to detect the usage of ssh on port 443 on a linux gateway. A kind of counter measure against stuff like sslh. I think netfilter and iptables would be the solution, but can't find module that fits.

(edit) At this time it is not a problem for me to prohibe direct connexion to 443 but allow for example a proxy.

So if it is not possible at L7 filtering, is there a proxy solution that permit this filtering.

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    Possible duplicate of Is there a way to do layer 7 filtering in Linux? – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 9 at 15:37
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    It is possible, but nothing that runs in Linux that I know of. There are heuristics, I recall some software using it - no idea about the false positives -, and advanced hardware traffic shapers using heuristics are also a possibility, but they cost a lot of money. – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 9 at 15:47

In general, this isn't possible. For it to be possible, it must be the case that either (1) SSH-over-443 is being done naively rather than actually being tunneled over SSL, or (2) you're breaking all SSL connections and have convinced all clients to accept your fake root CA.

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