I'm trying to make a custom shortcut through the ubuntu settings. I'm used to CTRL+left arrow taking you to the beginning of your current line, not just to the previous word. I assume I'm just not using the right command line for this command shortcut. I've tried CTRL+V in the terminal to get the key output of the home key (which does take you to the beginning of a line) and using that as the command, but it was not the proper command. I've tried "beginning-of-line" but that doesn't work either. I feel this is easy to get done but I don't have the knowledge. So the home key does what I want, but I'd rather attribute that function to the CTRL+left arrow combination.

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    Are you trying to do this for all applications as a global hotkey, or just in the terminal? If it's as a global hotkey, which desktop environment are you using (or which version of Ubuntu)? – Matthew Mar 8 at 18:54
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    Not necessarily a solution to your specific question but... I use Ctrl+a and Ctrl+e which are already mapped. You might look at what those are doing, and copy the functionality to the arrow key combination. – the_storyteller Mar 8 at 21:02
  • I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.2 and I'm looking to use it as a global hotkey. Ctrl+a only works in the terminal as everywhere else it's select all. – TenFrickens Mar 10 at 1:20

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