I have a zip file where each file is named the following


The files are actually jpegs How do I go about renaming them to the following?


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    Wait, I completely missed an important word here; you have zip files that contain these filenames. Do you want to extract the zip file(s) to new filenames, or do you want to (end up with) renamed files inside the zip file? Or do you just have plain directories? – Jeff Schaller Mar 8 at 15:39
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With prename (perl rename):

rename 's/original.jpg.(\d+).png/original$1.jpg/' original.jpg.*.png

I was able to accomplish this with the following bash script:


#Location of the zip file
#Desired location of extracted files

#Unzip the file to the desired location
unzip "$zip_file" -d "$dest_dir"

for f in "$dest_dir/"*.png; do
    #Remove path from filename.
    filename=$(basename "$f")
    #Remove .jpg. from filename.
    #Change .png to .jpg
    #Rename the extracted files to the preferred naming convention using mv.
    mv "$f" "${dest_dir}/${filename}"

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