I have the same Gentoo version installed on 16 machines. Using the same 3 DVDs created in the same way with the same CentOS version and 2 same brand portable DVD-ROMs, I have managed to get the installation on 15 of them. The 16th is showing up this error Kernel panic - not syncing:VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown block(2,0) after selecting boot from the DVD in the bios boot menu and booting up until I select the install option. Once the option is selected, the error message appears. I wanted to know if there is an error guide for the unknown block numbers or would like to find the root cause for this.

There is no difference between the machines' BIOS versions, but I don't know how the first Gentoo install was performed.

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Check the cables are HDD on 16th machine connected the same way ? Are the HDD partitioned the same way? Also check RAM as installation CD is likely to use RAMFS during installation.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, as far as I've seen in df -kh / lsblk -fl the disks should be the same. Commented Mar 8, 2019 at 10:05

It somehow appears that the machine didn't like the DVD format. When presented with a FAT32 formatted USB stick, everything worked just fine. Can't explain why this happened though, since nothing was different from the other machines.

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