I have successfully downloaded all of the files and libraries necessary for compiling and making the Courier Mail Server version 1.0.6. I have also downloaded most of the Sox files as well. I am attempting to build the above-mentioned mail server in my Oracle VM VirtualBox Debian version 9.8 ( stretch ) Linux virtual machine. As soon as I finished downloading the above-mentioned Sox files, I typed in the following commands from my Linux command prompt:

# ./configure

at which time that command appeared to run correctly. Then I typed:

# make -s

again, at which time that command appeared to run correctly. Then I typed:

# make install ( after having su’d to my root account ).

This command also appeared to run correctly.

Then, I changed directories ( from russell@debian:~/Dowloads/courier- to russell@debian:~/Downloads/courier- ) using the cd command. Keep in mind that I typed in the following command at my Debian version 9.8 ( stretch ) Linux prompt before typing the above-mentioned Linux commands:

# MAKEFLAGS = “-j 4.”

This command was entered from my “sh” shell ( the default shell on my system is the Borne Again Shell ( bash )). Whatever the case may be, I typed in the following Linux command:

# ./configure

after changing directories ( as mentioned above ), and that command appeared to run correctly. Then, I typed the following Linux command:

# make

and received the following error message: “No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.” What have I done wrong? I was disappointed to get this far in the process my first time without being completely successful. What do I need to do?

  • Check again whether courier was correctly configured with the configure script. It should produce a Makefile after having run configure. If it did not, it did not run the script correctly and you may be missing dependencies (see the INSTALL document). – Kusalananda Mar 7 at 14:41
  • Hello Russel and welcome to the Internet. To answer your questions it would help to get an uncommented and complete list of commands in the exact order as you typed them. The command history should help you with this task. Also, please clearly state your goal, your expected results and the actual results. Further, you should keep reading about building software from scratch. At this stage, it must never be necessary to become root or run any commands as root. See if your Makefile(s) support the DESTDIR parameter – Bananguin Mar 7 at 14:41
  • 1
    I noticed some number of "smart quotes"; one of them appears in the MAKEFLAGS; ensure that you're using regular "double quotes", otherwise the setting won't be what you think it is. – Jeff Schaller Mar 7 at 15:01
  • Bananguin, the "INSTALL" file for the Courier-1.0.6 mail server specifies that everything should be done as user, and then "su" to the root account before running the "make install" command. I will consider what you wrote and see what I can find out. Jeff Shaller, I will check the "smart quotes" issue. Kusalananda, I ran the "./configure" command twice, once with no parameters, and then with the "--with-db=gdbm" parameter, and the "./configure" command appeared to run correctly. I may need to use more parameters. Thank you to all. – user340571 Mar 7 at 20:32

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