When I want to run the ansible scripts for automatically installing RHHI on my physical (RHEL+KVM based) hosts. They ask to edit a json file in which I am required to give the FQDN and MAC address of a VM. (Which I have not created yet)

I'm just a little clueless about what they mean with 'MAC address of VM'. Is it the MAC of one of the NICs? or which other MAC address do they expect?

  • What else is supposed to have a MAC, if not a NIC? – Panki Mar 7 at 13:27
  • What version of RHHI? Where are you being asked to put in a MAC address exactly? I can't find anything like that in the actual deployment instructions from Red Hat. – Michael Hampton Mar 7 at 13:58
  • access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/… Chapter 6.3 they ask to edit some variables in the JSON file. One of which is the VM's MAC address. – OpenSourcerer Mar 7 at 14:00
  • When a virtual machine is created it (often) gets its own (virtual) network interface, which also has a unique MAC address. If you haven't created the VM yet, then there is probably some templating system or some other mechanism that writes the JSON document on the fly. – Bananguin Mar 7 at 14:47
  • I don't think there is. I suspect I might have missed something where I would have been told to create a VM maybe. Because when running the ansible playbook, I add the --extra-vars='@he_gluster_vars.json' from where it reads the variables listed in the link I posted yesterday. If anyone has any experience using these Ansible roles to install rhhi, please let me know what should be done here. Very much obliged – OpenSourcerer Mar 8 at 7:19

The JSON file asks for 'A valid MAC address FOR the hosted Engine Virtual Machine'

Which means it does NOT expect me to already have installed a VM, I need to give it a MAC so it can create the VM for me.

  • That is usual in provisioning, it will happen on other plataforms. Get used to it. – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 8 at 21:55

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