A screenshot of htop running in a terminal emulator.

Above is htop running in a terminal emulator. In the command column, some of the processes have their full path, eg. /usr/bin/python3, and some of them have just the command name, eg. caja, xonsh.

Why is there a difference? Is there anything special about these processes?

I suspect, but I'm not sure, that this might be the first element of "args" (unclear what the true name of it is), the program name.

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While htop is running, you can toggle full path display with p shortkey


From the man page of htop:

        The full command line of the process (i.e. program name and arguments).

So if you run htop you will see the command without the full path. And if you run /usr/bin/htop -C -u$USER you will see the full path with arguments.

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