Fresh installation of eclipse build id: 20181214-0600 on OpenSuse Leap 15.0. Using gnome and jdk11.0.2, Subclipse SVNKit Client Adapter with SVNKit Library 1.8.12.r10533_v20160129_0158

Problem, probabely an issue, on trying to connect to the svn server. It hangs for ever after entering username and password! JavaHL 1.11 can not be used, as first it's for windows only and second the native library can not be found with jdk11. No error log is available. It just hangs and eclipse must be killed with -9! ugly! A real killer! Remark: The same configuration works on debian 9 without issue!

There is a netbeans-svnclientadapter - Subversion Client Adapter within Leap 15.0. Can this adapter be used with mentioned eclipse? Anybody out here knowing subclipse or have a working configuration as described. Older versions maybe?

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