Came across an option in mc's .ini file: quick_search_mode=2. What does this do? Didn't find anything online or in the man page.

I am trying to configure the Alt+S quick search function to search case insensitive, so was wondering if that is the option to configure that.


This corresponds to the “Use panel sort mode” in the “Quick search” section of the panel options:

Screenshot of the panel options, with “Use panel sort mode” highlighted

This causes quick searches to use the “Case sensitive” setting of the panel in which they’re performed; you’ll find this setting in each panel’s sort order configuration:

Screenshot of the panel sort order settings, with “Case sensitive” highlighted

To configure quick search to be globally case insensitive, you need to set quick_search_mode to 0. (0 is “Case insensitive”, 1 is “Case sensitive”, 2 is “Use panel sort mode”.)

  • Perfect, thanks Stephen! Is there a secret manual for more information on the ini options or did you discover this through use? :) – Gaurav Mar 7 '19 at 21:20
  • Unfortunately there isn’t, I checked the source code ;-). – Stephen Kitt Mar 7 '19 at 21:56

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