I am operating some remote Linux boxes via X11 over SSH in multi-window mode. The remote boxes have a lot of KDE and other graphical applications installed, but neither X nor Wayland. I am operating the remote machines the following way:

  • On my local machine, start a local X server in multi-window mode
  • Connect to the remote host in question using X11 over SSH, starting konsole and redirecting its output to the local X server (using a command like ssh -f -Y root@host.my.domain "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 konsole")
  • Start applications from within konsole manually (command-line applications as well as graphical ones)

This works so far. But from time to time, I would like to have a remote machine's KDE application launcher at hand, i.e. I would like to appear it on my local desktop just like the program window of any other graphical (KDE) application.

Since KDE's application launcher is called kickoff, I have searched for an application or script with that name in the installed software and the available packages at the remote boxes, but with no luck. Also Google and sites like this one don't seem to have heard of that problem (or probably I have used inappropriate search terms).

Is there a way to start the KDE application launcher (widget?) manually outside the Plasma desktop?

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