I have a list of folder names in .txt file. I want the code to pick a name from text file, match in a directory, enter that folder and a subfolder and copy a file and paste it to another directory and also add folder name in front of the file name.

For an example I have folder name A, B, C and they have sub-folder name X, Y, Z respectively. I want the code to enter A folder and then sub-folder X and then copy a file name '1' and paste it another folder and also add folder name to file i.e., 'A1' I'm using the following code but its not working

for i in CC110033; do cp /dataslave2/shyamchand/aamod_meg_maxfilt_00001/$i/rest/transdef_mf2pt2_rest_raw.fif /cblhome/vivek/Data/MEG_data_80sub/transdef_mf2pt2_rest_raw.fif; done
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    Could you please add a sample of your input file to the question, rather than explaining it? – Kusalananda Mar 6 '19 at 8:15
  • @Kusalananda I tried writing another code, may be you get better idea with it. {for i in CC110033 CC110037 do cp /dataslave2/shyamchand/aamod_meg_maxfilt_00001/$i/rest/transdef_mf2pt2_rest_raw.fif /cblhome/vivek/Data/MEG_data_80sub/$i_transdef_mf2pt2_rest_raw.fif done} – Vivek Sharma Mar 6 '19 at 11:18
  • Clarifications to the question should be added to the question, not in comments. – Kusalananda Mar 6 '19 at 11:20

To answer this I am assuming that CC110033 is the text file.

By using for i in CC110033 is pointless. The only thing you will get is a variable named $i which content is CC110033. You should choose a different loop structure. Like while read i; do .... done < CC110033

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