I have an existing user database in Keycloak.

I want to build a Linux machine which logs in users according to the user database in Keycloak (username, password).

How can I accomplish this?


You would have to implement the following:

  1. add NSS passwd map data to Keycloak user accounts (POSIX-UID, primary POSIX-GID, etc.)
  2. implement a service pulling NSS data from Keycloak and make it locally available on Linux system
  3. implement a PAM module sending password authentication requests to Keycloak

While it's not impossible it would be quite some development work.

The usual way of having centralized user management for Unix/Linux is to set up a LDAP server storing the relevant data. And then configure Keycloak to use this LDAP server for retrieving user data and check passwords.

There are ready-to-use solutions available like FreeIPA or my own Æ-DIR.


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