I'm trying to download clear linux on my VMware player 15. I got windows 10. But each time I press "install", it installs the files of the OS, and then I press "Reboot" when it's finished, but it keeps returning to the default window: enter image description here

I think that the problem may reside in the fact that I got 2 options drivers to configure in: enter image description here

I followed this manual: https://clearlinux.org/documentation/clear-linux/get-started/virtual-machine-install/vmw-player

  • You are forgetting to umount the installation DVD. – Rui F Ribeiro Mar 4 at 19:18
  • Hey, Now I did it, but I didn't manage to "Clear Linux OS needs UEFI support to boot. To enable UEFI, add the following line to the end of your VM’s .vmx file:" So it still doesn't work, how do I do it? – Dor Suki Mar 4 at 19:57
  • There's a vmname.vmx file in the directory you chose when you created the VM with VMware. Something like C:\Users\DorSuki\Documents\Virtual Machines\Clear Linux VM\Clear Linux VM.vmx. Edit it with notepad. – Mark Plotnick Mar 4 at 20:05

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