Trying to open a python3 virtual environment I have created with

python3 -m venv myVenv

by doing

source myVenv/bin/activate

as I do in Linux, but I get

ksh: source: not found

which mean it is not in my path/installed. When I try to add it with pkg_add, it just tell me it can't find it. Does OpenBSD use something else that allows me to use venv or what should I do?

  • source is a bash command. To switch to bash as your login shell, if this would make your life easier, install the bash port/package and update your login shell with chsh. bash would be installed as /usr/local/bin/bash on OpenBSD.
    – Kusalananda
    Mar 4, 2019 at 17:42

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You are using the Forsyth PD Korn shell, the usual login shell on OpenBSD. The PD Korn shell does not have a source command. The source built-in command is only available in some shells. The command that you want is the . command.

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The source keyword which is available in bash is not part of the Posix standard. Instead you can use

. myVenv/bin/activate

You could use the same syntax with . in bash which you are using on your Linux system.


As an alternative, you can simply launch a new bash shell, and source it there:

ksh$ bash
bash$ source myVenv/bin/activate
(myVenv) bash$ python ...

As a bonus, this gives you an easy way to deactivate the venv and return to a pristine environment: just exit from the bash shell and you'll return to ksh!

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