In my script I need to access a remote server using ssh. On the remote I want to gather some data from log files. I have my script set up and the code works, but my problem is when I run the script it will get to the ssh and log onto the remote server, but it wont run the next command. It waits for a keyboard input but i need the command to run without an input from the keyboard.

This is what i have.

 value = `sshpass -p $PASSWORD ssh $USERNAME@$REMOTE_IP_ADDR | tail -F /tmp/file.txt | awk '{ print $16 }'`

//i have tested this line of code and it works how i need it to
 tail -F /tmp/file.txt | awk '{ print $16 }'
  • Try to remove the pipe between ADDR and tail and don't forget to read the man pages of ssh. – ctac_ Mar 4 '19 at 16:02

Issue was the pipe between the ADDR | tail

//old code
     value = `sshpass -p $PASSWORD ssh $USERNAME@$REMOTE_IP_ADDR | tail -F /tmp/file.txt | awk '{ print $16 }'`

//edited code (working)
 value = `sshpass -p $PASSWORD ssh $USERNAME@$REMOTE_IP_ADDR tail -F /tmp/file.txt | awk '{ print $16 }'

Thanks for the help ctac_

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