Is there a shell command to show the output of n given commands in parallel? I have n log-view commands (where n can be different at the startup time) and I like to show their output in parallel.

It should look like the split view of tmux, but with tmux it seems to be really hard to just give n commands and get a uniform split output view of them.

The call should be something like (the given commands are probably useless; they are just an example): split_command_view "watch -n0.1 ls -la" "tail -F log.txt" "date"

In this case the screen should be split in three sub-terminals and show the commands outputs.

Does something like this exist?

Thank you

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multitail is such a command:

multitail -l cmd1 -l cmd2

Or if you want the windows to persist after the commands have finished:

multitail -l 'cmd1; sleep inf' -l 'cmd2; sleep inf'

(if your sleep doesn't support inf, you can change it to a very large integer instead).


tail supports displaying mutiple files at once, however it doesn't split the terminal into panes like tmux does.

tail -f /var/log/syslog /var/log/auth.log

  • I use kubectl to show the log of a remote cluster, therefore I think, I cannot use tail. Mar 4, 2019 at 9:16

The way to do that is to output the proc to a different TTY. To know the name of your current tty just type tty. It will give you for example /dev/pts/0. Then you can run commands like

tail -f /permanent.log > /dev/pts/0 &

With the & at the end you send the proc to the background so you can run more commands. To recover the proc, you can use the jobs and fg commands.

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